Pu Shaoxia
May 10, 2022  

d992738fd8a63807b29863528a978b8Name: Pu Shaoxia

Professional title: Assistant Professor

Research focus: Reproductive Endocrine

Tutor category: £PhD Supervisor    £Master Supervisor    RNeither

E-mail address: shaoxiapu@163.com



2015.04-2019.03, Gifu University/Tokyo University of Agriculture and TechnologyBasic Veterinary Medicine, Ph.D.

2012.09-2014.06,Nanjing Agricultural University,College of Animal Science and Technology, Animal Nutrition and Feed Science, Master

2008.09-2012.07,Nanjing Agricultural University,College of Animal Science and Technology, Animal Science, Bachelor



2019.11-present,Yunnan Agricultural University,College of Veterinary Medicine, Assistant Professor



1. Animal Behaviour

2. Animal welfare


Research focus

1.Reproductive endocrine regulation


Research & Teaching

Research projects

(1) National Natural Science Foundation of China,Regional Science Foundation Project,32060206,Research on the mechanism of FIT2 regulating the occurrence and development of very low density lipoprotein,2021-01-01 to 2024-12-31,¥360,000 , participation

(2) Yunnan Provincial Department of Science and Technology,Applied Basic Research Youth Project,Applied Basic Research Youth Project,202101AU070095, Study on the mechanism of Leptin's influence on luteal function based on gene editing pig model, 2021-06-01 to 2024-05-31, ¥50,000, in charge


Representative achievements

Journal Publications

(1) Shaoxia Pu;Kento Usuda;Kentaro Nagaoka;Gen Watanabe;Heat challenge influences serum metabolites concentrations and liver lipid metabolism in Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica),The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science,2018,81(1): 77-83.

(2) Shaoxia Pu;Kento Usuda;Kentaro Nagaoka;Andrea Gore;David Crews;Gen Watanabe;The re lation between liver damage and reproduction in female Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica) exposed to high ambient temperature,Poultry Science,2020, 99(9): 0-4586–4597.

(3) Shaoxia Pu;Changwei Qu; Zhi Li;Yansen Li;Chunmei Li;Expression of Nerve Growth Facto r (NGF) and Its Receptors TrkA and p75 in the Reproductive Organs of Laying Hens, Brazilian Journ al of Poultry Science, 2016, 18(1): 187-192.

(4) Shaoxia Pu; Kentaro Nagaoka;Gen Watanabe;Yolk immunoreactive corticosterone in hierarc hical follicles of Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica) exposed to heat challenge, General and Comp arative Endocrinology, 2019, 279: 148-153.


Words for students

Study hard and make progress every day is not a slogan,but a bit by bit,continuous efforts.