Xiao Peng
May 10, 2022  

Name: Peng Xiao

Professional title: Lecturer

Research focus: Veterinary Pathology

Tutor category: £PhD Supervisor    £Master   Supervisor    Neither

E-mail address: xpeng322@163.com


(1) 2010.09 -2013.07 China Agricultural University, College of Veterinary Medicine, Basic Veterinary Medicine, PhD

(2) 2007.09-2010.07 YunNan Agricultural University, College of Animal Science and Technology, Preventive Veterinary Medicine, Master

(3) 2002.09-2006.07 HuNan Agricultural University, College of Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary MedicineBachelor



(1) 2021.03-now YunNan Agricultural University,College of Veterinary Medicine, Lecturer

(2) 2019.09-2020.12  the wistar institute,postdoctoral fellowship

(3) 2015.01-2019.09  the university of south Dakota,postdoctoral fellowship

(4)2013.07-2014.12 Chinese Academy of Sciences,Research Center for Eco-Environment, postdoctoral fellowship



1. Veterinary anatomicpathology

2. Veterinary pathophysiology

3. Outline of Animal derived food security


Research focus

1. Comparative pathology and experimental pathology

2. Gene vaccines


Awards & Honors

1. Peng Xiao, Excellent paper Award,Annual Veterinary Pathological Society Meeting, Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine, 2021

2. Peng Xiao, 2nd Place Postdoctoral Poster presentation,20th Annual Nebraska Physiology Society Meeting, The American Physiological Society, 2017


Representative achievements

Journal Publications

1. Bo Zhang, Hongdan Wang, Weiwei Zhao, Chunlan Shan, Chaoying Liu, Libo Gao, Ru Zhao, Pingxing Ao, Peng Xiao*, Longbao Lv*, Hong Gao*. New insights into the construction of wild-type Saba pig-derived Escherichia coli irp2 gene deletion strains. 3 Biotech. 2021 Sep;11(9):408.(SCI, 2.406)

2. Chunlan Shan,Shushu Miao,Chaoying Liu, Bo Zhang, Weiwei Zhao, Hao Wang, Wei Yang, Jinlong Cha,Ru Zhao, Peng Xiao* and Hong Gao*. Induction of macrophage pyroptosis-related factors by pathogenic E. coli high pathogenicity island (HPI) in Yunnan Saba pigs[J].BMC Veterinary Research202117114):1-10. (SCI, 2.741)

3. Weiwei Zhao, Bin Gao, Chang Liu, Bo Zhang, Chunlan Shan, Jing Deng, Quan Wan, Xi Wang, Ru Zhao, Libo Gao, Pingxing Ao, Peng Xiao*, Hong Gao*. High pathogenicity island is associated with enhanced autophagy in pathogenic Escherichia coli HPI - infected macrophages. Res Vet Sci.2021 Jan 5;135:113-120. (SCI, 2.534)

4. Xiao P, Wang C, Li J, et al. COP9 Signalosome Suppresses RIPK1-RIPK3 mediated Cardiomyocyte Necroptosis in Mice [J]. Circulation Heart Failure, 2020, 13(8). (SCI, 8.790)

5. Xiao Peng,Tian Ji-jing, Mao Jing-jing, Guo Zhao-jie, Zhao Yue, Liu Tian-long, Chen Jian, Wang Tong-tong, Ma Long-huan, She Rui-ping*.Journal of Integrative Agriculture 2021, 20(0): 2–8. (SCI, 2.848).

6. Peng Xiao, Ruiwen Li, Ruiping She, et al. Prevalence of hepatitis e virus in swine fed on kitchen residue. PLOS ONE. 2012. 7(3): e33480. (SCI, 4.079).

7. Devivasha Bordoloi#, Peng Xiao#, Hyeree Choi, Michelle Ho, Alfredo Perales-Puchalt, Makan Khoshnejad, J. Joseph Kim, Laurent Humeau, Alagarsamy Srinivasan, David B. Weiner, Kar Muthumani.Immunotherapy of prostate cancer using novel synthetic DNA vaccines targeting multiple tumor antigens. Genes & Cancer, Volume 12, 2021.

8. Tianlong Liu #, Peng Xiao #, Ruiwen Li, Ruiping She, Jijing Tian, Jingyuan Wang, Jingjing Mao, Jun Yin and Ruihan Shi*. Increased Mast Cell Activation in Mongolian Gerbils Infected by Hepatitis E Virus. Frontiers in Microbiology. 2018;9. (SCI, 4.259).


Published books

1. 陈明勇; 胡艳欣; 肖鹏; 动物性食品卫生学实验教程,中国农业大学出版社,390千字,2021

2. 佘锐萍; 刘天龙; 王雯慧; 田纪景; 常玲玲; 董彦君; 肖鹏 ; 动物病理诊断技术, 中国农业大学出版社, 229千字, 2020

3. 佘锐萍; 王雯慧; 田纪景; 肖鹏 ; 动物超微结构及超微病理学, 中国农业大学出版社, 1862千字,2018


Words for students

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