Li Hongxia
May 10, 2022  

Name: Hongxia Li

Professional title: Chief of the Ideological and Political Education Section of the Graduate Work Department of the Party Committee

Title: Lecturer

Research focus: Veterinary medicine

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2002-2006: Yunnan Agricultural University,  Animal Medicine,  Bachelor

2006-2009: Yunnan Agricultural University,  Preventive veterinarian,  Master



2010-Today: Graduate Office of Yunnan Agricultural University



Hygiene of Animal Food Products Zoonosis


Research focus

1. Animal-origin food safety

2. Zoonotic parasites and food security

3. MOOC, Food and Nutrition--A Wonderful World at the Table


Research & Teaching

Research projects

1.Presided over the Scientific Research Fund project of Yunnan Provincial Department of Education,2021J0116,2021J0116,research on parasitic protozoa population and genotype in digestive tract of tree shrews,under study

2.Presided over the scientific Research Fund project of Yunnan Provincial Department of Education,2011y437,investigation on the pollution status of feeding colorant galisin red,has been concluded

3.Participated in the innovation team of Veterinary Public Health Province of Yunnan Agricultural University for research

Teaching projects

Presided over the ideological and political education reform project of Yunnan Agricultural University in 2022:"Guided Education with virtue,Promoting‘Animal Food Hygiene ’and Ideological and political Education in the same direction"


Representative achievements

1.In 2021,the Teaching achievement Award of Yunnan Agricultural University won the first prize and the third prize respectively.

2.In 2020,"Food Nutrition-A Wonderful World on the Table" was recognized as the first batch of "Online first-class courses in Yunnan Province",in 2021,it was awarded as"Popular General Course"and"100,000 Golden Courses",and in March 2022,it was selected as"National Higher Education Intelligent Education Platform".


Journal Publications

1.Ting-Cui Li,Zhao Li,Yu-Lin Zhang,Wen-Jie Chen,Xian-Lan Dong,Jian-Fa Yang,Hong-Xia Li*,Fengcai Zou*;Assessment of the subtypes and the zoonotic risk of Blastocystis sp.of experimental macaques in Yunnan province,southwestern China, Parasitol Res,2020,119(2): 741-748.

2.Wenjie Cheng,Chao Li,Xianlan Dong,Jianfa Yang,Yongcai Zou,Hongxia Li; morphological identification and cox1 gene analysis of eye worms,progress in Animal Medicine, 2020,41 (10): 43-47.

3.Juanjuan Du,Xianlan Dong,Guohong Zhao,Chao Li,Hongxia Li *;Investigation of Toxoplasma gondii infection in pigeons in Yuxi area,China's livestock and poultry industry, 2020,1:35-36.

4.Tingcui Li,Lihua Pu,Hongxia Li*;Research progress of Blastocystis infection in non-human primates, Journal of Wildlife, 2019,40 (4): 1050-1054.