Song Chunlian
May 10, 2022  

DSC_5832Name: Chunlian Song

Professional title: Associate Professor

Research focus:  Veterinary Medicine

Tutor category:  £PhD Supervisor    þMaster Supervisor    £Neither

Telephone:      +86-13888001944


Birth Place:      kunming,Yunnan Province, China



Year   and date

Name   of School

Name   of Faculty (Department)

Name   of major

Type   of degree obtained


Yunnan   Agricultural University

Faculty   of Pastoral Medicine

Veterinary   Medicine




Yunnan   Agricultural University

School   of Animal Science and Technology

Agriculture   Extension




Yangzhou   University

Faculty   of Veterinary Medicine

Basic   Veterinary Medicine




Year   of commencement

Work   Unit


Position/technical   title


Jincheng   Township Government, Jinning District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province

Veterinary   Station

Veterinary   Technician


Yunnan   Agricultural University

School   of Animal Science

Veterinary   Technician


Yunnan   Agricultural University

School   of Zoology


2019.9-up   to now

Yunnan   Agricultural University

School   of Zoology

Associate   Professor



1. Animal Histology and Embryology

2. Veterinary Epidemiology

3. Experiments on Animal Biochemistry


Research focus

1. Important studies on the pathogenesis of porcine diseases

2. Extraction and effect evaluation of active parts of Traditional Chinese medicine. Study on fermentation of Chinese veterinary medicine

3. Research on prevention and control technology and diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases. Research on purification technology of important pig diseases. Research and development of diagnosis and treatment technology of animal diseases. Farm technical services 


Research & Teaching

1. Research projects

(1) Yunnan Provincial Department of Education,The Eighth Batch of Key Laboratories in Yunnan Universities,Yunnan Education Development 2020 (103), Key Laboratories for Prevention and Control of Important Diseases in Livestock and Poultry in Yunnan Universities, 2021-01 to 2023-12, RMB 900,000, under research, participation

(2) Yunnan Provincial Department of Science and Technology,Yunnan Provincial Major Science and Technology Special Project, 202102AE090007,Construction and Application of Prevention and Control System for Important Swine Diseases in Yunnan Province,Subproject:Construction of Demonstration Farm without Specific Diseases, 2021-06 to 2023-12, RMB 450,000, under research, Chair

(3) Kunming Science and Technology Bureau,Kunming Science and Technology Innovation Factor Gathering Program,Kunke 2019-1-N-25318000003525,Kunming Technology Innovation Center for Animal Disease Prevention and Control,2019-10 to 2021-12, RMB 1 million,under research,participation

(4) Yunnan Provincial Department of Science and Technology,Yunnan Provincial Science and Technology Major Project,2018BB003,Baoshan Pig Selection and Development, 2020-12 to 2020-12, RMB 1,100,000, Final Project, Participating

(5) Kunming Science and Technology Bureau,Kunming Science and Technology Innovation Factor Gathering Plan, Kunming Science and Technology Planning No. 2019-1-A-24610,Kunming Key Laboratory of Swine Disease Control,2018-11 to 2020-11, RMB 200,000, under research, participation

(6) Kunming Science and Technology Bureau,Kunming Agricultural Science and Technology Key Project,2019-1-N-25318000001860,Luquan Saaba Pig Industry Chain Enhancement to Promote Poverty Alleviation through Science and Technology, 2019-06 to 2020-06, RMB 550,000, Closed, Host

(7) Yunnan Provincial Department of Science and Technology,Yunnan Provincial Science and Technology Poverty Alleviation Demonstration,2018CB001-02, Research on Poverty Alleviation Model of Local Chicken Breeding Industry in Poor Mountainous Areas of Luquan County,2018-06 to 2019-12,100,000Yuan,Closed, Chair

(8) Yunnan Provincial Department of Science and Technology,Yunnan Provincial Science and Technology Major Special Project,2016BC014,Research and Development and Application of Chinese Veterinary Feed Additives for Pigs from Yunnan's Mainly Produced Traditional Chinese Medicines, 2016-06 to 2019-11, RMB 2,000,000, concluded, participated

(9) Kunming Science and Technology Bureau,Key Project of Agricultural Science and Technology in Kunming,2018CB001-02, Research on Poverty Alleviation Model of Local Chicken Breeding Industry in Poor Mountainous Areas of Luquan County, 2018-03 to 2019-03,1.6 million Yuan,Closed,Chair

(10) Kunming Science and Technology Bureau, Key Project of Kunming Agricultural Science and Technology,2018-1-N20553, Research and Application on Poverty Alleviation of Saaba Pig Breeding Industry in Poor Areas of Luquan County, 2018-03 to 2019-03, RMB 600,000, Closed, Participated

(11) Kunming Science and Technology Bureau,Key Project of Agricultural Science and Technology in Kunming,2017-2-N-12274,Research and Demonstration of Large-Scale Saba Pig Breeding Model in Malutang Township,Luquan County, 2017-03 to 2018-03, RMB 500,000, closed, Chair

2. Teaching projects

Yunnan Agricultural University,Graduate key course of Yunnan Agricultural University,School Zhengfa (2014) No.115,2014YZ0009 Advanced Animal Biochemistry Experimental Technology,2014 to 2015, 30,000 yuan,completed, participated


Awards & Honors

1. Scholastic honor

(1) Member of Animal Anatomy and tissue Embryology Branch of Chinese Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Society. Member of Chinese Pathophysiology Branch

(2) Young and middle-aged academic and technical leaders in Kunming city

(3) Yunnan Province Science and Technology Commissioner

(4) Kunming Animal Disease Prevention and Control Technology Innovation Center; Key Laboratory of Kunming Pig Disease Prevention and Control Laboratory, Deputy Director

2. Scientific research rewards

(1) Chunlian Song ranked fifth (5/22);Innovation and application of key technologies, Ministry of Agriculture of China;Second Prize of Science and Technology Progress, 2019 ( Gefen Yin; Liu Xiao; Junlong Bi; Guishu Yang; Chunlian Song )

(2) Chunlian Song ranked second (2/25);research and application of key technologies for prevention and control of pig breeding and respiratory syndrome; The Third prize of the National Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fishery Harvest Award, Ministry of Agriculture, RC,The Third prize of Science and Technology Progress,2013. ( Xianghua Shu;Chunlian Song;Zhilei Yang;Gefei Yin;Guiying Zhao;Baoliang Bi; Weizhen Li;Zhongfu Yang;Xiangyi Shu;Xueming Yang;Guisheng Zhang;Yongxin Wu;Yang Kui;Wuhong Yang;Yanfen Wang; Zhenghong Shao; Jirong Lu;Zhang Xiang; Liu Jie; Bi Run;Wenhua Zhe; Chunli Wang; Xueliang Yi ; Dengfeng Li ;Yang Jun)

(3) Chunlian Song (1/1);the 7th National Veterinary Degree Graduate Master Excellent Doctoral thesis,the National Veterinary Degree Graduate Steering Committee, Academic Award,2018

(4) Chunlian Song,ranked first (1/7); integrated technology and demonstration of pseudorabies prevention and control in large-scale pig farms, Kunming Science and Technology Progress Third prize, 2016. ( Chunlian Song; Xianghua Shu;Gefen Yin; Libo Gao;Lianjun Li;Wengui Li; Zhongfu Yang)


Representative achievements

Journal Publications

(1) Yang, Yuting; Shen, Liyan; Gao, Huan; Ran, Jinming; Li, Xian; Jiang, Hengxin; Li, Xueyan; Cao, Zhenhui; Huang, Ying; Zhao, Sumei; Song, Chunlian ; Pan, Hongbin ; Comparison of cecal microb iota composition in hybrid pigs from two separate three-way crosses, ANIMAL BIOSCIENCE, 2021, 34( 7): 1202-1209 .

(2) Chunlian Song ; Xin Huang; Yunmei Gao; Xue Zhang; Yulei Wang; Yajing Zhang; Tao Lv;Zhihui Zhang;Yalun Zhang;Qiong Pan;Yue Shu;Xianghua Shu; Histopathology of brain functional are as in pigs infected by porcine pseudorabies virus, Research in Veterinary Science, 2021, 2021(141 ): 203-211 .

(3) ChunLian Song ; Yu Lei Wang; Xiang Hua Shu; Xue Zhang; Yong Bo Liu; Ya Jing Zhang; Tao Lv; Xin Huang ; Effects of Two Polysaccharides From Traditional Chinese Medicines on Rat Immune Funct ion, Veterinary Science, 2021, 2021(8): 1-7

(4) Chunlian Song ; Xue Zhang; Xianghua Shu; huayi Bai; Wengui Li; Yuechang Wu; Yunmei Gao; Yi lei Wang; Kun Yang; Effect of Porcine Circovirus Type 2 on the Severity of Lung and Brain Damage in Piglets infected with Porcine Pseudorabies Virus., Veterinary Microbiology, 2019, 2019(237): 1 -6 .

(5) Cunlian Song ; Gefen Yin; Xianghua Shu; Libo Gao; Weibing Bai; Xinqin Zha; Gefen Yin; Shu Xianghua;Molecular epidemiology of pseudorabies virus in Yunnan and the sequence analysis of it s gD gene, Virus Genes, 2017, 53(3): 329-399 .

(6) Chunlian Song;Xin Li;XiangHua Shu.Study on purification of porcine pseudorabies with mixed infections of PRV and PCV2[J].Progress in Veterinary Medicine,2019,40 (1):121-124.

(7) YaJing Zhang;XiangHua Shu;ChunLian Song*. Applying 16S rDNA sequencing to analyze the microbial diversity on the surface and in the interior of Saba Ham, a traditional Chinese fermented meat product[J]. Meat Research,2020,34(10):26-32.

(8) Chunlian Song; Xin Li; XiangHua Shu. Detection of dynamic changes of PRV and PCV2 loading and shedding[J]. Chinese Veterinary Science,2017,47(03):360-365.

(9) YuLei Wang; XiangHua Shu; Chunlian Song*. Effects of Erigeron flavonoids on intestinal microbial diversity in diarrhea piglets[J].Heilongjiang Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine,2021(21)23-28+149-150.

(10) Chunlian Song; JingYuan Zeng; XiangHua Shu. Investigation of 4 common viral infections in partial scale pig farms of Yunnan province from 2012 to 2016[J]. Progress in Veterinary Medicine,2018,39(1)117-120.

(11) ZhaoZhe Wang;XiangHua Shu;ChunLian Song*.Analysis of pseudorabies purification effect in 72 scale pig farms in some regions of Yunnan province[J]. Chinese Journal of Veterinary Science,2017.4,3(7) :597-600.


 Published books

(1) Song Chunlian;Shu Xianghua;Li Haichang and other editors; Practical Veterinary Technology, 110,000 words, China Agricultural Press, 2021.

 (2) Editor-in-Chief of Shu Xianghua,Yang Liangyu, etc.,Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Song Chunlian;Practical Chicken Raising Technology,China Agricultural Press, 85,000 words, 2021.

(3) Chen Qiusheng, editor-in-chief, Song Chunlian,co-editor;Animal Histology and Embryology. Science Press, 53.4 thousand words, 2019.01

 (4) Shu Xianghua,Song Chunlian,Yin Gefen,etc.Editor-in-Chief,Disease Prevention and Control of Large-scale Pig Farms,Yunnan Science and Technology Press, 360,000 words, 2017.



(1) Shu Xianghua;Song Chunlian; Duan Bofang;Yang Zhilei; Li Wengui; Bai Huayi; Ling Wanxu; —2018, (local standard)

(2) Song Chunlian; Shu Xianghua; Luo Gao; Li Xinhan et al. (1/4). A compound raw material for preparing veterinary drugs for pigs and its application. 2020-9-18, China, CN2 02010984202.X.

(3) Shu Xianghua;Song Chunlian;Yin Gefen;Li Wengui (1/4); Prevention and control methods for porcine respiratory disease syndrome.2014-2-12,China, ZL201210062 701.9. (Patent)

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(5) Song Chunlian, Li Qihua, Shu Xianghua, Yang Zhongfu,Yang Wuhong (1/4). A cage for feeding experiments. 2015-08-05, China, ZL201520119395.7 .(Patent)


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