Shu Xianghua
May 9, 2022  

DSC_5828Name:                 Xianghua Shu

Professional title:  Professor, PhD

Research focus:     Pig disease prevention and control technologyTraditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine.

Tutor category:     RPhD Supervisor    RMaster Supervisor    £Neither

E-mail address,


Address: Collegeof Veterinary Medicine, Yunnan Agricultural University, Kunming, Yunnan province, China, 650201.




Doctor of Philosophy   (Ph.D.)

Clinical Veterinary Medicine,College of Veterinary Medicine Nanjing Agricultural University,Nangjing,Jiangsu province,China


2006 – 2010

Master of  Agriculture (M.A.)

Master of Agricultural Extension,College of Animal Science and Technology, Yunnan  Agricultural University, Kunming,Yunnan Province,China


2002 – 2005

Bachelor of Sciencein Agriculture

College of animal science and technology, Yunnan Agricultural University,Kunming,Yunnan province,China

1993   – 1997



Doctoral   Supervisor

College of Veterinary Medicine,Yunnan   Agricultural University,






College of Veterinary Medicine,Yunnan   Agricultural University,



Associate Professor

College of Veterinary Medicine,Yunnan   Agricultural University,





College of Animal Science and Technology,Yunnan Agricultural University,

Kunming, China

2002 – 2013



1.Traditional   Chinese Veterinary Science

2008– present

2.Veterinary drug residue detection

2006– present

3.Veterinary vocational skills training

2006– present


Research focus

1.Utilization of animal disease resistance characteristics: (1) Screening   and application of beneficial animal microbial strains; (2) Effects of lung   gut microorganisms on the development and function of immune system in pigs.

2013– present

2.Research and development of pig inputs: (1) research on   pathogenic mechanism and prevention and control technology of important pig   diseases. (2) Screening of active components of traditional Chinese medicine   and research and development of veterinary drugs for pigs.

2006– present



Leadership Position



Key Laboratory for prevention and   control of important livestock and poultry diseases in  universities of   Yunnan Province, China


2021– present


Executive Director

Veterinary Surgery Branch, China   Animal Husbandry Veterinary Society, China

2015– present



Scientific and   Technological Innovation Team of Pig Disease Prevention and Control   Technology Research of Kunming, China

2013– present

General Manager

WEI MU DE Science and Technology Co.Ltd., Kunming, China


2008– present



Honors and Awards


Young and Middle-aged Academic and Technical Leaders Reserve Talentsof Yunnan province


2018– present

Young and Middle-aged Academic and Technical Leaders of   Kunming ,Yunnan province


2016– present



Professional Memberships and Activities


Certified veterinarian, China

2012– present

Member, Animal   Husbandry Veterinary Society of China




Educational Activities

Visiting Scholar

College of Veterinary Medicine, Auburn University,US



Visiting Scholar

Faculty of Veterinary   Medicine, ChiangMai University, Thailand





Clinical Practices


Diplomat, China Board of Veterinary surgery

2015 - Present



(* as corresponding author)

1.Wengui Li, Xianghua Shu*, Yangliu Pu ,Junlong Bi, Guishu Yang,Gefen Yin.Seroprevalence and molecular detection of hepatitis E virus in Yunnan Province, China.  Arch Virol. 2011, 156: 1989-1995.

2.Gefen Yin, Libo Gao, Xianghua Shu, Guishu Yang, Shuhao Guo, Wengui Li.Genetic Diversity of the ORF5 Gene of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus Isolates in Southwest China from 2007 to 2009. PLoS ONE.2012,7333756:1-7.

3.Xianghua Shu, Xinhui Duan , Chunlian Song , Jintao Li , Lei Jiang , Gefen Yin, Wengui Li .Genetic heterogeneity of swine hepatitis E virus isolates from Yunnan province, China in 2011–2012.Virology Journal.2014, 11:162.

4.Chunlian Song, Libo Gao, Weibing Bai, Xingqin Zha, Gefen Yin ,Xianghua Shu*.Molecular epidemiology of pseudorabies virus in Yunnan and the sequence analysis of its gD gene.Virus Genes.2017,533:392-399.

5.Kaihua Liu,Bin Zhang , Zhaochun Teng,Youtao Wang , Guodong Dong , Cong Xu ,Bo Qin, Chunlian Song , Jun Chai ,Yang Li , Xianwei Shi, Xianghua Shu*,Yifang  Zhang.Association between SLC11A1 (NRAMP1) polymorphisms and susceptibility to tuberculosis in Chinese Holstein cattle.Tuberculosis.103 (2017) 10-15.

6.Xue Zhang , Xianghua Shu , Huayi Bai, Wengui Li, Xin Li, Changyue Wu, Yunmei Gao,Yulei Wang, Kun Yang, Chunlian Song . Effect of porcine circovirus type 2 on the severity of lung and brain damage in piglets infected with porcine pseudorabies virus. Veterinary Microbiology, 237 (2019) 108394:1-5.

7.Xianghua Shu*Chief Editor. Large scale pig farm construction and disease prevention and control. Yunnan Science and Technology Press, Yunnan, China, 2013.ISBN: 978-7-5416-6969-9.225 pages.

8.Xianghua Shu*Chief Editor. Large scale pig farm disease prevention and control. Yunnan Science and Technology Press, Yunnan,China,2017.ISBN: 978-7-5587-0313-3.245 pages.

9.Xianghua Shu*Chief Editor.Chicken raising practical technology in rural areas. China Agricultural Press,Beijing,China,2021.ISBN: 978-7-109-27692-5.104 pages.

10.Xianghua Shu*Chief Editor.Rural practical veterinary technology. China Agricultural Press,Beijing,China,2021.ISBN: 978-7-109-28534-7.138 pages.

11.Chunlian Song ,Xin Huang , Xianghua Shu*.Histopathology of brain functional areas in pigs infected by porcine pseudorabies virus.Research in Veterinary Science,141 (2021) 203–211.

12.Yu Lei Wang, Xiang Hua Shu,Chun Lian Song*.Effects of Two Polysaccharides From Traditional Chinese Medicines on Rat Immune Function.Front. Vet. Sci,2021,( 8 )703956:1-7.

13.Xianghua Shu, Chunlian Song,et al.Prevention and control of porcine respiratory disease syndrome.Invention patent,China,2014,Patent number:ZL201210062701.9.

14. Chunlian Song,Xianghua Shu, et al.A composite raw material for preparing veterinary drugs for pigs and its application.Invention patent,China,2022,Patent number:ZL202010984202.X.

Funded Grants


Major   Specialized Projects of Yunnan Science and Technology,   Principal Investigator (PI)

Title: Establishments   and applications of prevention and control technology system for important   pig diseases in Yunnan Province

Total: 5,000,000Yuan

Role: 40%

2021 – 2024



Yunnan   province Research Fund, Principal   Investigator (PI)

Title: Development and application of Chinese medicine plant for pig feed additivein   Yunnan province

Total: 2,000,000Yuan

Role: 50%

2016 – 2019

Kunming   city Research Fund, Principal   Investigator (PI)

Title: Study for Pig breeding technology and poverty alleviation model   demonstration in the poor mountainous area of Luquan county, Kunming

Total: 600,000Yuan

Role: 60%

2018 – 2019

Yunnan   province Research Fund, Principal   Investigator (PI)

Title: Study and demonstration of purification techniques for pseudorabies of pigs in some large-scale pig   farms in Yunnan province

Total: 1,200,000Yuan

Role: 50%

2013 –2016

Kunming   cityResearch Fund,Principal   Investigator (PI)

Title: Study on identification diagnosis and purification technology of   pseudorabies in large  pig farms, Kunming

Total: 200,000Yuan

Role: 50%

2008– 2010

Kunming   cityResearch Fund,Principal   Investigator (PI)

Title: Study on Epidemiological investigation and control techniques   of  major viral in large-pig farms ,Kunming

Total: 300,000Yuan

Role: 50%


Kunming   cityResearch Fund, Principal   Investigator (PI)

Title:Study on prevention and control technology of Porcine infectious   pleuropneumonia in pig farms, Kunming

Total: 300,000Yuan

Role: 50%

2011 – 2013