Li Wengui
May 9, 2022  

李文贵Name: Li Wengui

Professional title: head of VPH

Research focus: VPH

Tutor category: £PhD Supervisor    RMaster Supervisor    £Neither

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(1) From September 2006 to July 2009, doctor of veterinary public health, China Agricultural University

(2) September 1997 to July 2000, master of preventive veterinary medicine, Yunnan Agricultural University

(3) From September 1993 to March 1997, Bachelor of veterinary medicine, Yunnan Agricultural University



(1) From October 2018 to now, Professor,School of animal medicine,Yunnan Agricultural University

(2) From October 2010 to September 2018,associate professor,College of animal science and technology, Yunnan Agricultural University

(3) From October 2000 to September 2010,lecturer,College of animal science and technology, Yunnan Agricultural University

(4) From July 2000 to September 2000, teaching assistant, College of animal science and technology, Yunnan Agricultural University



1. Veterinary epidemiology

2. Special topics in animal infectious diseases


Research focus

1. Zoonosis and animal food safety

2. Veterinary epidemiology

3. Prevention and control of animal infectious diseases


Research & Teaching

Research projects

1.NSFC,hepatitis E virus long clawed gerbil infection model and action mechanism of TLR4 in liver injury (31160495), January 2012-december 2015, 500000 CNY cooperation projects:establishment of ecological prevention and control technology system for zoonotic diseases in ethnic minority areas in different ecological environments in the upper Mekong subregion, (2010-2012) 280000 CNY

Teaching projects

Research project on Sino foreign cooperation in running schools of Yunnan Agricultural University.Research on Undergraduate Specialty Construction of animal medicine in Liverpool John Moore University College (No. 202116-7), 2021.1-2.22.12, 10000 CNY


Awards & Honors


Representative achievements

Journal Publications

(1) Wengui Li;Fred Unger;Guorong Yang;Xiangdong Yang;Johanna F Lindahl; Jeffrey Gilbert;Participatory and Transdisciplinary Studies of Brucella Infection in Humans and Animals in Yunnan Province,China—Lessons Learned,Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease, 2021, 6(3) (期刊 论文)

(2)Wang Yuan;Zheng Xiaolin;Yan Hongya; Duan Xinhui;Zhang Yifang;Yang Shasha; Li Wengui; Investigation on the prevalence of porcine hepatitis E virus in a pig farm in Kunming, Journal of Yunnan Agricultural University, 2020, 35 (6): 1111-1114 (Journal Paper)

(3) Yang Shasha; Wang Yuan; Zhang Yifang; Zheng Xiaolin; Peng haifen; Wu Junda; Wang Guojun; Li Wengui; Expression of IL-4 and IL-5 in liver and brain of New Zealand white rabbits infected with porcine hepatitis E virus 4, advances in animal medicine, 2022 Chun, 43 (2): 1-5 (Journal Paper)

(4) Lv Nianci;Zhu Li;Li Wengui;Li Zhilan; Qian Qisheng;Zhang Tianyu;Liu Lu; Hong Jinmei;Zheng Xiaolin;Wang Yuan;Zhang Yifang;Chai Jun;Molecular epidemiology and genetic variation analyses of porcine circovirus type 2 isolated from Yunnan Province in China from 2016- 2019, BMC Veterinary Research, 2020, 16(1): 0-96 (期刊论文)


Published books

Li Wengui; Liu Xuehong; Practical beef cattle breeding technology,China Agricultural Press, 2021 (academic monograph)



Li Wengui;Duan Xinhui;Yin Gefen;Shu Xianghua; Jiang Lei;Zhang Jia; Long clawed gerbil auxiliary blood collection equipment,March 30,2016,China,cn20 1520873728.5


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