Xiao Xiao
May 9, 2022  

2寸NameXiao Xiao

Professional titleProfessor

Research focusVeterinary Medicine (Clinical Veterinary Medicine)

Tutor category£PhD Supervisor    RMaster Supervisor    £Neither

E-mail address13116299366@163.com



1982.09-1986.07 Bachelor degree of agriculture, department of animal husbandry and veterinary science, Yunnan agricultural university

1990.08-1993.07 Master degree in Agriculture, Department of Veterinary Medicine, Nanjing Agricultural University

2000.06-2000.12 Visiting scholar, Kasesart University, Thailand, for further study of clinical veterinary medicine



1986.07-1990.07 Teaching in Yunnan Agricultural University; Teaching assistant

1990.08-1993.07 Study for a master's degree in Nanjing agricultural university

1993.08-1994.08 Teaching in Yunnan Agricultural University; Teaching assistant

1994.09-1997.08 Teaching and scientific research in Yunnan Agricultural University; Lecturer

1997.09-2008.10Teaching and scientific research in Yunnan Agricultural University; Associate professor

2008.10-present Teaching and scientific Research in Yunnan Agricultural University; professor



1. Undergraduate course: Petology

2. Undergraduate course: Professional introduction to animal medicine

3.Undergraduate practice course:Basic comprehensive experiment of veterinary medicine

4. Postgraduate course: Small animal disease

5.Undergraduate course:Veterinary Medicine,Anatomy of domestic animal and histoembryology


Research focus

1. Petology

2. Small animal diseases (studies on nutritional metabolic diseases and toxic diseases of small animals)

3. Animal anatomy and histoembryology

4. Animal disease control and economy of animal parasitic diseases research

5. Development and utilization of anti-parasitic drugs for animals

6. Wild animal disease control


Research & Teaching

Research projects

1. Study on the effect of PHA complex on the immune effect of classical Swine fever vaccine and Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome vaccine; The provincial level; 2009CI125;70000 yuan, 2009.10.15; Has been completed

2. Study on the repellent effect of neem bark extract on Canis ascaris; The provincial level; 08 y0191; 5000 yuan; 2008.12.31; Has been completed

3. Study on the repellent effect of Rangooncreeper Fruit Extract on Canis ascaris;The provincial level; YNDKDYKY0702;5000 yuan; 2008.10.10; Has been completed

4.Prevention and control of pig parasites by Cyrtomium Rhizome,Rangooncreeper Fruit,neem bark;The provincial level;2004 c0040m; 60000 yuan;2004.11.15;Has been completed

5.2019-2021 "Three Areas" Scientific and Technological Talents Support Program of Yunnan Province;The provincial level;A303008798039,K2410047034055, A3032021156152; 20,000 yuan,a total of 60,000 yuan;2021.3/2019.3/2020.3. Has been completed


Teaching projects

1. Construction of small animal disease case base; The provincial level; 2019 yjsalk10; 30000 yuan; 2019.10; Has been completed


Awards & Honors

1.Xiao Xiao, The fifth session of the national "centre cup" animal medicine college students professional skills contest won the second prize, Awarded as excellent instructor.

2.Xiao Xiao, Education, Health and Scientific Research Union of Yunnan Province, Moral model of Yunnan Province.

3.Xiao Xiao, Small Animal Medicine Branch of Chinese Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Association, appointed as vice president.

4.Xiao Xiao,Chinese Veterinary Medical Association,top 10 Outstanding Veterinarians of 2017.

5.Xiao Xiao, the key fund project of Yunnan Province "Research on Protein Nutrition Metabolism and Feed Optimization Utilization technology of Main Pig breeds in Yunnan province" won the second prize of Science and Technology Progress of Yunnan Provincial People's Government.

Representative achievements

Journal Publications

1.Fujun Tian,Ling Yang,Xian Xie,Yanmin Zhao, Xiao Xiao *, Feiyan Dai. Diagnosis and treatment of femoral head injury in young Wolf [J]. Chinese Journal of Veterinary Medicine, 201,57(10):111-114.

2.Yang Ling,Tian Fujun,Zhang Xian,Zhang Xinyi,Xiao Xiao *, Dai Feiyan. Diagnosis and treatment of Asian elephant myocarditis [J].Chinese Journal of Wildlife, 201,42(03):844-847.

3. Li ZX, Zhang XY, Zhu M, Zhou Y, Dai FEY, Xiao XIAO *. A case study of canine tumor in Kunming,China [J].Chinese Journal of Veterinary Medicine, 201,57(03):67-69+129.

4.Zhang Xinyi, Li Zhisai, Li Xianyan, Shang Weixu, Zhang Xian, Tian Fujun, Yang Ling, Dai Feiyan, Xiao Xiao *.Diagnosis and recurrence treatment of a canine infection with Babesia gii [J].Heilongjiang Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine,2020(22):89-93+167. (in Chinese)

5.Zhang Xian, Xiao Xiao *,Dai Feiyan,Zhao Pu,Huang Jun, Wang Rufeng. Diagnosis and treatment of pancreatitis secondary to cholecystitis in chimpanzee [J]. Chinese journal of wildlife,2020,41(04):1020-1024.

6.Li Xianyan, Shang Weixu, Zhang Xinyi, Zhao Yicheng, Dai Feiyan, Xiao Xiao *. Diagnosis and treatment of iliac bone fracture in canine [J]. Heilongjiang Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine,2020(02):83-85+150.

7.Xiao Xiao, Dai Feiyan, Yang Linfu, Huang Pengye. Effect of pumpkin seeds on the removal of dog tapeworm [J].Heilongjiang Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine,2009(05):74-75. (in Chinese)

8.Xiao Xiao,Yang Jisheng,Xiao Yan,Zhang Jing,Yang Meilan,Cheng Wei. Heilongjiang Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine,2008(09):80-81.(in Chinese)

9.Xiao Xiao,Yang Jisheng,Xiao Yan,Cheng Wei. Operation of musculogastric foreign body obstruction in ostrich [J]. Progress in veterinary medicine,2008,29(S1):62-63.

10.Xiao Xiao,Yang Jisheng,Xiao Yan,Yang Meilan,Cheng Wei.Treatment of intestinal obstruction in leopard [J].Heilongjiang Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine,2008(08):79.

11.Xiao Xiao,Yang Jisheng,Zhang Jing,Shen Xuewen.Diagnosis,treatment and prevention of canine adenovirus type ⅱ [J].Chinese Journal of Veterinary Medicine,2008(07):58-59.

12.Xiao Xiao, Zhimin Li, Dawei Yan, Qixun Xu. Dog onion poisoning [J]. Progress in Veterinary Medicine,2006(S1):101-103. (in Chinese)


Published books

1.Xiao Xiao (coedit);Porcine protein Nutrition,Yunnan Science and Technology Press, 440 thousand words, 2005

2.Xiao Xiao (editor);New Technology of High-quality meat Dog Breeding,Yunnan Science and Technology Press, 140 thousand words, 2007

3.Xiao Xiao (coedit); Anatomy of Domestic Animals, China Agricultural Science and Technology Press, 380 thousand words, 2007

4.Xiao Xiao (editor);"Veterinary Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment",yunnan Agricultural University entrepreneurial pilot professional training materials,450 thousand words, 2008

5.Xiao Xiao (editor); New Techniques for Diagnosis and Treatment of Dog and Cat Diseases,130 thousand words,Yunnan Science and Technology Press,Yunnan Publishing Group Company, 2009

6.Xiao Xiao (coedit);Animal Imaging,"the 13th Five-Year Plan" textbook of National agriculture and Forestry colleges, 380 thousand words, 2013



1.Li Jianhua,Dai Feiyan,Xiao Xiao,Zhao Guocong.A special feed raw material fermentation device for dairy cows 2019-03-01, China, CN208549986U

2.Li Jianhua,Dai Feiyan,Xiao Xiao,Zhao Guocong.A special feed material fermentation device for piglets 2019-01-01, China, CN208308874U


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