Yang Liangyu
May 9, 2022  

4b8832ff28a9bcaeb2625f89e76435bNameLiangyu Yang

Professional titleProfessor.

Research focusClinical veterinary medicine

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2008.09-2012.06, Yunnan Agricultural University,Faculty of animal science and technology, Graduate

2012.09-2015.06, Yunnan Agricultural University,Faculty of animal science and technology, Master

2015.09-2018.06, Huazhong China Agricultural University,College of veterinary medicine, Ph.D candidate



1993.07-1996.06, Yunnan Agricultural University, Faculty of animal science and technology, Youth corps committee secretary, Assistant

1996.06-1998.01, People's Government of Jinyuan Township,Xundian County, Kunming City Vice Township Principal, Assistant

1998.02-2001.04, Yunnan Agricultural University, Faculty of animal science and technology, Lecturer

2001.04-2005.12, Yunnan Agricultural University, Faculty of animal science and technology, Deputy secretary of the General Party Branch, Assistant Professor

2005.12-2009.07, Yunnan Agricultural University,CPC organization department      Deputy Heads, Assistant Professor

2009.07-2012.09, Yunnan Agricultural University,college of foreign languages      secretary of the party committee, Assistant Professor

2012.09-2013.01, Shanghai ocean university, (On secondment),Assistant principal, Professor

2013.01-2017.06, Yunnan Agricultural University,college of foreign languages      secretary of the party committee, Professor

2017.06-now, Yunnan Agricultural University,college of veterinary medicine    Secretary of the Party Committee, Professor



1. Animal Nutrition Metabolic Disease and Poisoning Disease

2. Animal Health Law

3. Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Administration Law


Research focus

1. Diagnosis and control of animal diseases

2. Nutritional and metabolic diseases in animals

3.The administrative laws and regulations of animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, and animal welfare


Research & Teaching

Research projects

1. Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China, the Spark Plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology,1015GA830002, "Promotion and Breeding Technology Service of Plateau High Quality Local Wuding Chicken, 2015.1~2017.9,600,000, finished, director

2.Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China,the sub-project of the National High-tech Research and Development Plan (863) , 2011AA100305,"Screening Research on Important Disease Resistance Genes of Wuding Chicken", 2011.1~2015.12, 200,000, finished, director

3.Organization department of Yunnan provincial party pommittee, and department of human resources and social security of Yunnan province,grass-roots experts workstation(Second), 2015.12~2018.1,300,000, finished, director

4.Yunnan Provincial Foreign Affairs Bureau,KX141360,"Under-Forest Breeding Technology Project", 2015.1~ 2016.12,150,000,finished, director

5.Yunnan Provincial Foreign Affairs Bureau, Demonstration and Promotion Project of Yunguang Supporting System for High Quality Broilers, 2016.01-2017.12, 200,000, finished, director

6.The department of agriculture and rural affairs of Yunnan province, the Post expert of poultry farming in the modern agricultural poultry egg industry technology system of Yunnan province, 2017.01-2020.12, 260,000, finished, director


Awards & Honors

1.Yang liangyu (individual), excellent party member, Yunnan Agricultural University, 1995

2.Yang liangyu (individual), outstanding party affairs worker, Yunnan Agricultural University, 1996

3.Yang liangyu (individual), outstanding vice township principal, Qujing City, 1997

4.Yang liangyu (individual), outstanding vice township principal, Yunnan province, 1998

5.Yang liangyu (individual), advanced student worker, Yunnan Agricultural University, 2002

6.Yang liangyu (individual),excellent instructor and advanced student worker,   Yunnan Agricultural University, 2003

7.Yang liangyu (individual), advanced individual in employment of graduates,Yunnan Agricultural University, 2005

8.Yang liangyu (individual), advanced individual of the teacher's ethics,Yunnan Agricultural University, 2006

9.Yang liangyu (individual), excellent homeroom teacher,Yunnan Agricultural University, 2007

10.Yang liangyu (individual), Hongyun Gardener Award,Hongyun-Honghe Group and Yunnan Agricultural University, 2019

11.Yang liangyu (individual), excellent homeroom teacher,Yunnan Agricultural University, 2011

12.Yang liangyu (individual), outstanding party affairs worker,Yunnan Agricultural University, 2012

13.Yang liangyu (individual), the Yunnan Ten Thousand Talents Plan leading Talents of Industrial Technology Project of China,Yunnan provincial development and reform commission., 2019


Representative achievements

Journal Publications

1.Liangyu Yang;J Chen;X L Cheng;D M Xi;S L yang;D Dong;H M Mao; Phylogenetic analysi s of 16s rRNA gene sequences reveals rumen bacterial diversity in Yaks (Bos grunions ), Mol Bill Rep, 2010, 37: 553-562

2. Liangyu Yang;Yiduo He;Qingbo Kong;Wencai Zhang;Dengmei Xi; Huaming Mao; Weidong Deng;Isolation nucleotide identification and tissue expression of three novel ovine genes-SLC25A4,S LC25A3 and SLC25A6,Mol Biol Rep, 2010, 37: 2743-2748

3.Jiang Kangfeng;Yang Jing;Song Chunlian;He Fengping;Yang Liangyu;Li Xiaobing;Enforced expression of miR-92b blunts E.coli lipopolysaccharide- mediated inflammatory injury by activating the PI3K/AKT/beta- catenin pathway via targeting PTEN, International Journal of Biologi cal Sciences,2021, 17(5): 1289-1301

4.王皓然;杨亮宇;杨斯涵;白文顺;武定鸡致病性大肠杆分离鉴定及药敏试验, 中国畜牧兽医文摘, 2013, 29(11): 47-48

5.王皓然;胡文丽;杨春艳;王钊哲;陈培富;杨亮宇;武定鸡IFN-γ基因-316A/GSNPH5N1亚型高致 病性禽流感灭活疫苗免疫效果的影响, 动物医学进展, 2015, 50(34): 58-59


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