Yang Yuai
May 9, 2022  

Name: Yu-ai Yang

Professional title: Professor

Research focus: Clinical Veterinary Medicine

Tutor category: £PhD Supervisor  RMaster Supervisor   

E-mail address: yangyuai2008@126.com


From 2004-09 to 2007-06, Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University, Clinical veterinary medicine, Doctor

From 2001-09 to 2004-06, Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University, Clinical veterinary medicine, Master

From 1997-09 to 2001-06, Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University, Veterinary Medicine, Bachelor



From 2022-01 up to now, Yunnan agriculture university, College of animal medicine, Professor

From 2011-10 to 2021-12, Yunnan agriculture university, College of animal science and technology, Associate professor

From 2007-07 to 2011-09, Yunnan agriculture university, College of animal science and technology, Lecturer



1. Animal Surgery

2. Veterinary Medicine

3. Veterinary Obstetrics


Research focus

1. Clinical Veterinary Medicine

2. Animal Surgery


Research & Teaching

Research projects

National Natural Science Foundation of China, Regional Science Foundation Project31760743The molecular mechanisms of the transmembrane protein at tight junctions CLDN-1 during Classic Swine Fever Virus Infection, From 2018-01 to 2021-12, RMB 370000, Finished, Principle Investigator

National Natural Science Foundation of China, Regional Science Foundation Project32160845,Molecular mechanism of mutated gene Mut of yunnan strain of atypical swine fever virus to regulate host NF-κB activity,From 2022-01 to 2025-12, RMB 360000, Under research, Participants

Department of science and technology of Yunnan Province,Natural science and technology projects in Yunnan Province,2009CD063,Study on the pathogenesis of mastitis in dairy cows in Kunming area,From 2009-01 to 2012-12,RMB 75000, Finished, Principle Investigator

Yunnan agriculture university, Natural Science Youth Research Fund of the University, 2016ZR12,Molecular mechanisms by which atypical swine fever virus affects immune function in pigs,From 2017-01 to 2019-12, RMB 50000, Finished,Principle Investigator

Zhong mu Industrial Co.,Ltd. and so on,Enterprise cooperation research and development projects, 2021533517000971,Research and development of swine fever virus human type 5 replication-deficient adenovirus vector live vaccine (rAd-E0-E2 strain), From 2021.10 to 2041.09,RMB 8.3 million,Under research,Principle Investigator

Shandong Zhu zi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and so on, Enterprise cooperation research and development projects,2021533517000585,Research and development of a live binary vaccine for swine fever recombinant adenovirus (rAd-E0-E2 strain)-porcine pseudorabies gene deletion virus (JS-2012),From 2021.07 to 2041.06,RMB 3.5 million, Under research, Principle Investigator

Teaching projects

Yunnan agriculture university,Undergraduate Education Teaching Reform Project, 2017YAUJY013,Experimental teaching reform inAnimal Surgery, From 2017-07 to 2019-06, RMB 5000, Finished, Principle Investigator

Yunnan agriculture university, Projection of Professional Degree Graduate Program Case Library Construction,Biotechnology and Livestock and Poultry Disease Diagnosis Case Library, From 2017-07 to 2020-06, RMB 30000, Finished, Principle Investigator


Representative achievements

Journal Publications

[1] Y Sun, H Zheng, D Xi, X Zhang, M Du, L Pu, M Lin & Y Yang. Molecular characteristics of the MHC-DRA genes from yak (Bos grunniens) and Chinese yakow (Bos grunniens × Bos taurus),International Journal of Immunogenetics,2014,41: 69-73.

[2] Yong-ke Sun, Yu-ai Yang, Huan-li Zheng, Dong-mei Xi, Ming-xing Lin, Xiao-min Zhang, Lin-fu Yang, Yu-lin Yan, Xiao-hui Chu, Bao-liang Bi. Co-expression of Erns and E2 genes of classical swine fever virus by replication-defective recombinant adenovirus completely protects pigs against virulent challenge with classical swine fever virus, Research in Veterinary Science, 2012, 94:354-360.

[3] Sun YK, Zhang XM, Du M, Li YX, Pan HB, Yan YL and Yang Y.A*. Atypical Classical Swine Fever Infection Changes Interleukin Gene Expression in Pigs     Israel Journal of Veterinary Medicine,Israel Journal of Veterinary Medicine, 2014, 69(4):226-231.

[4] Yong-ke Sun, Xiao-min Zhang, Min Du, Yu-Xin Li, Ling-fu Kong, Hong-Bin Pan, Yu-Lin Yan and Yu-ai Yang. Construction of a Chimeric Virus Expressing Mutation Sequences of Classical Swine Fever Virus Yunnan Strain,Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances, 2014, 13(7):470-476.

[5] Yongke Sun, Dongmei Xi, Guozhi Li, Tiantian Hao, Yuhan Chen and Yuai Yang*. Genetic characterization of MHC class II DQB exon 2 variants in gayal (Bos frontalis) , Biotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment, 2014, 28(5):827-833.

[6] Heng Zhang#, Yong-ke Sun#, Xiao-miao Zhang, Hui Zhang, Gen-cheng Fan, Yu-lin Yan, Yu-ai Yang*. A Rabbit model for evaluating the efficacy of recombinant adenovirus vaccine expressing E0-E2 antigens of classical swine fever virus,Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine, 2017. 47(3): 363-372.

[7] Xiangmin Wang, Yu'ai Yang, Xiaoying Yang, Xiao Liu, Xiaochun Wang, Libo Gao, Chao Yang, Rui Lan, Junlong Bi, Qian Zhao, Guishu Yang, Jing Wang, Yingbo Lin, Jianping Liu*, Gefen Yin**. Classical swine fever virus infection suppresses claudin-1 expression to facilitate its replication in PK-15 cells Microbial Pathogenesis,2021 May;157. DOI: 10.1016/j.micpath.2021.105012



Yong-ke Sun,Yu-ai Yang,A recombinant adenovirus expressing the genes E0 and E2 of swine fever viruses,2013-01-02, China,ZL201110000978.4. 


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