Zhang Yifang
May 9, 2022  




Name:     Yi-fang Zhang   Ph.D.  
Dept. of Veterinary Medicine, Yunnan Agricultural University

E-mail:    zyfkm@yahoo.com.cn

Address:   Dept. of Veterinary Medicine ,Yunnan Agriculture University
       Kunnming 650201,  P.R.China,

Date of Birth:   Nev.12,1963

Sex:           Male

Family Status:  Married and one son

Nationality:    Chinese

Condition of health: Excellent


Teaching Course

Veterinary Microbiology and Immunology for undergraduate students.

Veterinary Bacterial, Veterinary Virology, Veterinary Immunology for graduate students


Member & Director of Chinese Society of Animal Infectious Disease.

Member & Director of Society of Immunology in Yunnan Province.

Member & Director of Society of Microbilogy in Yunnan Province.



2007~2008: Visiting Scholar

           Molecular Lab., Department of Microbiology,

          University College Cork, Ireland

1998~2001: Ph.D.             

          Major: Preventive Veterinary Medicine

          Changcun Veterinary University (The Quartermaster University of PLA)

1985~1988: M.S 

           Major: Veterinary microbiology and immunology

           Gansu Agricultural University

1978~1982: B.S

           Major: Veterinary Medicine

           Yunnan Agricultural University



2001-present: faculty (professor)

Laboratory of Veterinary microbiology and immunology,

Yunnan Agricultural University, P.R. China.

Research scientist

Center of Monoclone antibody engineering technique ,

Yunnan University, P.R. China.

1988-1998: faculty (Assistant Professor &Associate Professor)

Department of Veterinary Medicine ,

Yunnan Agricultural University, P.R. China.

1982—1985: District Veterinarian

Xianwei district, Yunnan province, P.R. China.



A study on epidemiology and etiology of Major disease of animal and poultry diseases. National Key Research and Development Program (Project Number 2017YFD0500105) 2017-2020

Molecular mechanisms of dairy cows tuberculosis susceptibility and Polymorphisms of Card 15/SLC11A1/IFN-γ gene.National Nature Science Fund of China(Project Number 31260598), 2013-2016

A study on prevention and diagnosis of Hog cholera virus(Swine fever virus) & Porcine reproductive and respiratory virus. Project of Yunnan province science fund (Project Number  ), 2010-2012

Clone and expression of gene of Lactobacillus species. Project of Ireland’ natural science fund (Project Number),2007.12--2008.12.

A Study on detective technique of bovine tuberculosis. Project of Yunnnan province’ natural science fund (Project Number2002NG03), 2002-2005

A Study on gene engineering antigen of Streptococcus mutans. Project of Yunnnan province’ natural science fund (Project Number ),2002-2004

A Resaerch and demonstration of pathogeny diagnosis and rapid detective technique of avian influenza virus. Project of Yunnnan province’ natural science fund (Project Number2004NG01),2004-2005

A Study on detective strip of antigen of Hog cholera virus (Swine fever virus). Project of Yunnnan province’ natural science fund (Project Number2002YP06),2002-2005

A Study on epidemiology and preventive technique of bluetongue virus. Project of Chinese Agricultural Ministry (Project Number 9605020103), the cooperative Research Project of Chinese-Australian(Project Number ACIAR 9301), 1998-2001

A study on epidemiology and Immunology of Hog cholera virus(Swine fever virus). Project of national natural science fund (Project Number 39893290-1), 1996-2000

A study on resource investigation and using of Lactobacillus species. Project of Yunnnan province’ natural science fund (Project Number),1992-1995.

A study on biological characteristic of polysaccharide from Spirulina: Project of Yunnnan province’ natural science fund, 1992-1995.

A study on immunological diagnosis technique of Pasteuralla multocida. Project of Guansu Province’ natural science fund(Project Number), 1985-1988



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 I have had good training and research experience in the area:

Bacteriological experimental technique:

 Culture,isolation,identification,characterization and freeze-dry keeping of bacteria (bovine tuberculosis,Pasteuralla multocida,Streptococcus mutans,Lactobacillus Spp.,Spirulin plantensis).diagnosis and control of  animal bacterial disease.

Virulogical experimental technique: 

tissue or chicken embryo culture, isolation, identification and characterization of virus (Porcine circovirus, Swine fever virus, Porcine reproductive and respiratory virus, avian influenza virus, bluetongue virus). diagnosis and control of  animal virosis.

Immunological experimental technique:

direct and indirect Immunofluorescence antibody (DFA)assay, ezyme-linked immunoabesorbent assay(ELISA), direct immunoperoxidase staining assay, direct agglutination assay, indirect-blood agglutination assay, virus neutralisation assay, agar diffuse assay, gelose gelatin electrophoresis assay.

Preparation of labeling antibody(rabbit immunization, purification of IgG, immuno-enzyme label or fluorescent antiboidy label).

Preparation of monoclone antibody( (Preparation of antigen, mouse immunization, Preparation of spleen cell, Preparation of myeloma cells, cell fusion, cloning of hybrid cells)

Molecular biological experimental technique:

design of PCR and cloning primer, Extraction of DNA and RNA, PCR assay, RT-PCR assay, purification of PCR product and plasmid DNA, enzeme digestion and connect of DNA, construction and detection of recombinant (karoyotic & eukaryotic) plasmid, Preparation of E.coli sensitivity cells, transfection of plasmid.

expression and purification of recombinant protein, SDS-PAGE assay, west blotting assay, denature and renature of recombinant protein.

Sequence of nucleotde acids, phylogenetic analysis of nucleotde acids.