Duan Gang
May 9, 2022  

Name: Duangang

Professional title: Professor

Research focus: Veterinary Medicine

Tutor category: £PhD Supervisor    RMaster Supervisor    £Neither

E-mail address: 2396841876@qq.com



1987.09 ----1989.01,Master of Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology (postgraduate class) in Yunan Agriculture University

1982.09 ----1987.07, Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine in Southwest Minzu University



(1) 2017.07---now, Professor, Veterinary Medicine in Yunnan Agricultural University

(2) 2005.10---2017.06, Professor, College of animal science and technology, Yunnan Agricultural University

(3) 1997.10---2005.09, Associate professor, College of animal science and technology, Yunnan Agricultural University

(4)1993.10---1997.09, lecturer, College of animal science and technology, Yunnan Agricultural University

(5)1989.02---1993.09, College of animal science and technology, Yunnan Agricultural University



1. Veterinary Pharmacology


Research focus

1. Research on Veterinary Pharmacology and animal disease detection


Research & Teaching

Research projects

(1) Department of science and technology of Yunnan Province, special technology project of Rural Revitalization in Yunnan Province, 202104BI090017, science and technology mission of goat industry in Shilin, Yunnan Province, 2 million yuan from 2021-01 to 2023-12, research, head

(2) Funded by special funds of national key plan, special subproject of national key plan, 2017YFD0501400,Creation and industrialization of new veterinary drugs, 476300 RMB, from July 2017 to December 2020, conclusion, head


Representative achievements

Journal Publications

(1) Feiyan Dai,Xun Xiang,Gang Duan,Bofang Duan,Xiao Xiao,Hua Chang. Pathogenicity chara cteristics of Enterococcus faecium from diseased black bears., Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research , 2018, 19(2): 82-86.

(2) Hua Chang, Feiyan Dai, Zili Liu, Feizhou Yuan,Siyue Zhao, Xun Xiang, Feicai Zou, Bangquan Zeng, Yating Fan, Gang Duan. Seroprevalence Survey of Avian influenza A (H5) in wild migratory birds in Yunnan Province, Southwestern China, Virol J. 2014, 11(1):18.

(3) Hua Chang, Jiangqiang Han, Yan Yang, Gang Duan, Fengcai Zou, Xun Xiang, Feiyan Dai. First report of Chlamydia psittaci seroprevalence in black-headed gulls (Larus ridibundus) at Dianchi Lake, China, Open Life Sciences , 2018, 13(1): 250-252

(4) Hua Chang, Feiyan Dai, Gang Duan, Siyue Zhao, Honglin Lu, Xun Xiang. Pathogenicity Analysis of Klebsiella oxytoca Isolated from Larus ridibundus Migratory Birds, Pakistan Veterinary Journal , 2018, 38(4): 449-451.

(5) Jiang Huachao, Duan Gang, Tang Xiaoping, Li Xiaohui, Gao Hui, Zheng Xiaohui, Xiang Xun, Chang Hua. Pharmacological action of Geranium strictipes and its application prospect in veterinary clinic, Acta Ecologiae Animalis Domastici, 2019, (08): 87-89 + 92


Published books

Chang Hua,Xiang Xun,Dai Feiyan,Duan gang.Biological characteristics and antiviral activity of interferon and Mx genes in Larus ridibundus. China Agricultural Press, 170 thousand words, 2018.



Xiang Xun, Chang Hua, Dai Feiyan, Duan Gang, Duan Bofang, Bai Qinfang, Li Minghui, Li Xiaohui, Jiang Huachao, Tang Xiaoping. A negative pressure separation and purification device of traditional Chinese medicine, November 13, 2018, China, CN201821860174.5


Words for students

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