Foreign Talents Recruitment

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Job Requirements

1. Professors and associate professors: young and middle-aged outstanding talents with doctoral degree and high academic attainments in the field of animal husbandry or young academic talents with good development potential. It shall be managed in accordance with the relevant regulations on the introduction of university talents of Yunnan Agricultural University.

2. Postdoctoral: Doctor's degree, under 35 years old, no more than 3 years after obtaining the doctor's degree, excellent foreign doctor with high academic level and strong scientific research ability.

Treatment of Talents

1. Yunnan Agricultural University provides competitive salary and welfare benefits, basic start-up funds and subsidies for settling down for foreign talents.

2. After the postdoctoral examination is qualified, the outstanding postdoctoral and full-time researchers can apply for associate professors.

3. Yunnan Agricultural University supports the talents in the above positions in terms of settlement, children's enrollment and medical services.

Contact information

1. To apply for a professor or associate professor, please send your resume to the of the university's talent recruitment system, or send it to E-mail:, with the subject marked: name-applied position;

2. To apply for a postdoctoral position, please contact Prof. Weidong Deng, the head of the College of Animal Science and Technology, by E-mail:, with the subject marked: Name-Position Applied;

3. Recruitment Contact: Mr. Lan, Tel: (+ 86) 0871-xxxxxxxxx.